May 7th 2020

I've decide to continue with Construct 3.  It's easy to use, no coding is required and it has a very active community to help out when needed.  

I'll be mainly using assets from Luis Zuno aka Ansimuz (Ansimuz Store) and also from OpenGameArt.   Please note that I'm currenlty support Luis on Patreon wich allows me to download any asset from his store.  He also has free assent on both and Open Game Art (Ansimuz on OpenGameArt)

front"Hi my name is Chibi A1 !"


I've decided to use the Luis's Warped series Chibi Robot sprite as the main charactor for this games.  I'm thinking of creating a simple platformer based arround him.  

I'll be spending some time looking for platformer assets to go with Chibi A1 as I feel that the rest of Luis Warpe series does not currently fit with what I want to do with this charector. 

JP over and out!