Who knew adding wall slide would be so complicated!

The wall slide itselfe is not that complicated, it's the animation. 

Here's a good exemple.  Technicaly youre falling but a slower speed, the problem is that I already have a player is falling them play fall animation.  So we need to have additional check so that the correct animation play.

Anyways here is what we have so far.  https://jpbreau.ca/games/chibia1_alpha200603/


Aldo working from home because of the COVID19 virus is fun, it's also alot work.  You need to balance work, familie life and play all at the same time.  

I did find time to work on Chibi A1 a little and added a explosion sound when his shot explodes as well a the ability to shoot when crawling.  He can only fire a shot if he has nothing above him preventing him from crouching and he cannot move during the shoot sequence.  Also modified the crawl Idle, if nothing above him he will crouch and if there is something he will asume the crawling position.  

He is the playable demo.  https://jpbreau.ca/games/chibia1_alpha200513


May 7th 2020

I've decide to continue with Construct 3.  It's easy to use, no coding is required and it has a very active community to help out when needed.  

I'll be mainly using assets from Luis Zuno aka Ansimuz (Ansimuz Itch.io Store) and also from OpenGameArt.   Please note that I'm currenlty support Luis on Patreon wich allows me to download any asset from his itch.io store.  He also has free assent on both itch.io and Open Game Art (Ansimuz on OpenGameArt)

front"Hi my name is Chibi A1 !"

May 8th 2020

Well I got alot working in the last day:

Covid 19 has changed alot in our live.  I'm corruently working form home and getting a little stir crazy.  I've been taking walks to get out of the house during mandatory breaks I gave myserlf and working on a mini game using Construct 3. 

So I decided to start a developers log of my work.  This will help me stay focused and maiby even finish a game.