I've been developing a little math game for my son who is presently in grade 2.  You'r a little robot who is trapped in a maze and the only way to get out is by solving math problems in order to unlock doors and other obstacles that are in your way.


I'm using Construct 3 as the game engine and I've found a nice tilemap on opengameart.org by Buch for my maze floor and walls with some modifications.  

As of right now:

  • Player movement using arrow keys or touch controls.
  • When player overlaps a button a math equation with 2 answers is displayed.
  • When correct answer is selected the corresponding door will open.

What I have in mind:

  • Start menu with option to set what equations will be displayed.
  • Enemies, traps and obstacles to deal with.
  • Collectable items to give them a goal to reach.

I will keep this development blog updated as much as possible so stay tuned. 





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