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I figured that since this is my first article about DOS games I've played in the past,  I'd write about the first PC game I ever played, THEXDER.  So let go back to Christmas 1987 when my parents got the family a Tandy 1000TX Personal Computer and I also got a Sierra Online Bundle that included Thexder and Silpheed.  Being a BIG Robotech fan at the time and seeing the Thexder Box cover, man was I exited.

I remember connecting everything and inserting the Thexder disk.  But wait!

No Operating system found?  I never got this message on my Atari 2600.  LOL  Joke's aside, I picked up the manual and learnt just enough DOS to get it going and spent the remainder of my Christmas holiday playing.  Now I have to be honest, even do I've played it for hours on end, I've never actually finished it, always dying on level 15.  

So that's my Thexder story,  Now lets take a closer look at the game itself.

The Game

So you'll be Piloting Thexder.  According to the game manual "Thexder is a hyper dual-armor robot-jet transformer.  Armed with heat-seeking lasers and touch controlled flight mechanisms, Thexder is the ultimate fighting machine!  There is only one Thexder in existence and you are the proud pilot at its control.  Be careful.  If disaster falls upon your vehicle, there will be no replacements and your mission will be terminated."   That last line is the reason I never finished the game yet. 

Thexder is 16 well designed levels of fun and fustration full of enemy creatures that simply want your destruction.  From Spaceship corridors and cargo holds to tunnels and caverns, you need to learn how to navigate each one efficiently.  There are also hidden objects to be discovered, some will increase your energer but other are just their to waste you time and drain your energy.  



  • Energy Bar
    • Displays your current energy level.
    • Will increase when you destroy certain creature.
    • If you complete the level without using your shields, 100% will be added up to ENMAX.
    • Will decrease if you collide with enemy creatures or hazards.
    • When you use your lasers.  Aprox. 2% every 30 beams.  No loss if shields are active.
    • 10% of your energy is redirected to your shield upon activation.
  • Shield Status
    • Display a bar when the shield is activated.
    • Shield bar will decrease over time or when colliding with enemies.  
  • Score
    • Your score will increase with each creature you destroy.
  • Level
    • Displays current level. Duh...
  • ENMAX (Energy Maximum)
    • Display maximum amount of energy Thexder can collect.
    • Will increase when you destroy certain creature up to a maximum of 500%.
    • Will increase by 10% for completing a level and you receive an additional 20% if completed without using your shield.
    • Will never decrease.



The game start with Thexder standing next to the now closed entrance.  You need to to navigate and fight your way to the exit located on the right edge of the map.  In fact each level will begin on the left edge of the map and exit on the right edge.  Note that there is no end to the game, once you exit level 16 your brought back to level 1.  Don't forget that this was and arcade style platformer.  There is no end to a classic arcade game, its all about the hight score.

Download All Level Maps These maps are from



Enemies and Hazzards

Each enemy has it's unique attributes and you will need to learn each.  Some enemies will return Energie and EnMax, some fly straight at you and others must move in angles.


My Video Series on Thexder


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